Save energy with dimmers and occupancy sensors

There are numerous ways to save on energy use in your home or business. Two of
the least expensive to install are a light dimmer or occupancy sensor to regulate the

Dimmers are commonly used to control the brightness of lighting and change the
mood of a given space; however, the lesser-known benefit of dimmers is energy
savings. Dimming an incandescent or halogen light bulb by only 10% will double the
lamp life and dimming the light bulb by 20% will quadruples the lamp life!

However, if you have fluorescent light bulbs then watch out – dimming fluorescents
can be expensive. Instead, consider using an occupancy sensor in areas that contain
fluorescents (or where people commonly forget to turn out the lights) such as a
storage room, office, or restrooms in a business. At home you might consider
installing an occupancy sensor in your den, laundry room, pantry, or garage to save
on energy.