Architectural Lighting Design

We offer all phases of full service lighting design: Programming and Concepts, Schematics, Design Development, Working Drawings, Bidding Construction, and Post-Construction. With any full service project, we can provide complete lighting plans, mock-ups, specifications, details, schedules, project management, site visits,selection and purchasing of lighting equipment and decorative fixtures at discounted rates to resell, programming of control systems, as well as focusing and aiming sessions.

Lighting Consultations

Smaller spaces don’t always need full lighting services. Sometimes, a simple assessment is enough. We do a walkthrough and then, provide written recommendations along with any necessary lighting details or partial lighting drawings. We can also provide hourly services to implement your plan.

Education and
Speaking Engagements

Anyone who works with lighting, even occasionally, can benefit from lighting education. Learn about the latest lighting technology, design techniques, controls, energy saving equipment, and upcoming lighting legislation and codes that may affect your projects.

We create educational seminars for architects, interior designers, lighting showroom staff, contractors and developers, and building maintenance operators. We customize our classes for all levels, from beginners to advanced professionals with many years of education and experience.

Commissioning and Reprogramming

Dimming and controls systems need to be fine tuned after installation. Alternatively, you may want to make changes to your lighting system if the function of your space has changed over time. We provide commissioning and reprogramming services that ensure your systems are functioning at their best.

Lighting Systems Maintenance

Sooner or later, lamps burn out or fixtures need adjustment. We purchase new lamps, filters and louvers at a discounted rate on your behalf and then install the new lamps and hardware ensuring that the correct wattage, beam spread, color temperature, filtering, and proper aim. We make any adjustments needed to keep your project looking fresh. We also provide focusing and aiming sessions when precision lighting is required to highlight specific elements in your space—for example, artwork, columns, trees, and textured walls.

No matter the scope of your project, we look forward to working with you at Lumen Design.

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